Leah: Is religion reason enough to modify insurance coverage?


Leah Ulatowski, Editor-in-Chief

If anyone is setting back women’s rights, it is feminists who omit facts, imagine oppression and repress fellow women.

Liberals claimed that Hobby Lobby would not cover any birth control for employees, but failed to mention that the company’s insurance pays for 16 types of contraceptive, including birth control pills and condoms. Women have plenty of choices.

The four excluded drugs include the morning-after and week-after pills. The morning-after pill is said to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, and the week-after pill is chemically similar to RU-486—a drug used in abortions.

It’s a total first-world-problem. If I give someone in need a jacket that gets the job done, he is not going to demand a leather one, too. Your “choice” ends when others foot the bill.

Feminists also claim “five white men” determined the Hobby Lobby case. It was decided by justices of various genders and ethnicities. Of the five male justices who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, one was African-American, one was Italian-American and one is a swing voter.

Pro-life advocates rarely fit the “white male” stereotype. I’m a female who is as much Latina as Obama is black, and I can verify that feminists and liberals are pissed when you disprove their generalizations.

Oppression is not people refusing to pay for your sexual indulgences. Sexism is when a male columnist receives no hate mail when he calls people out, but everyone loses their minds when a female writer does. Prejudice is feminists calling conservative women “bimbos” and female dogs.

I’ve had sexist former employers; injustice is your absent male coworker being favored or your male boss threatening your job because you write on conservative blogs. I didn’t respond by protesting in a vagina costume; I want to be treated like a man, so I took it like a man until I exercised my “choice” to leave. Problem solved.

Western women don’t know persecution. Sharia Law encourages your husband to throw acid in your face.True sexism is being hung in public for “seducing” rapists.

Feminists, there is a group of American women that you oppress. Worse still, the world is drenched with the blood of female martyrs, and you waste time pretending that family planning is rocket science and have made a bad name for all women.