Inspiration with Lindsey: When looking ahead, what does worry do for us?

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager


(Photo by Lindsey Vagnini)

It amazes me that we are indeed more informed now than ever in the history of the world, yet it seems as if people are more anxious than ever before.

Listen to the messages people are sending in their small talk conversations the next time you stand in line at a grocery or department store line; what are people talking about? Of course, politeness is habitual, but beyond the surface level, people are expressing messages beyond simply the deal they did or did not get.

People are commenting about current happenings in the political world, relaying their fear that one political party is gaining advancement in the hearts of the public because of minor statements made by a particular Politian. It seems all of their instant exposure to information via technology is only causing more worry.

Even still, whether worry is expressed or not, its existence is not depleted. After all, what is there to worry about? The common response would be “everything,” and other times, “nothing.”

Often, it seems as if responsibility’s better half is the company of worry. Of course, being healthily concerned about a given situation is a good form of responsibility, in the understanding that it is not causing detriment to one’s daily life.

However, combating worries allows us to more freely engage in the on-goings of the minute, hour and the gift of a given day. Purpose, as broad as that word may seem, can relieve even the slightest anxieties.

Being responsible is achievable without the presence of worry, and if we evaluate what we receive from worrying, we will find it sticks us with nothing short of a migraine and the desperate need for a good nap.