Inspiration with Lindsey: Knowing Our Value Increases Our Abilities

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager

Did you know that you are made complete, gifted, treasured, influential, intelligent, original, valued and irreplaceable?

Honestly, I did not push out this vague list of ‘feel-good’ words to provide a strand of terms; instead, it is a reminder that while most say they don’t need or want to hear words like these consistently “often because it is thought of as insincere,” they do.

This semi-safe prediction applies to every person.

Maybe we expect to hear words like these from people in our lives, either by choice or affiliation? In any context, these characteristics are true.

However, these words might change meaning if they are being received as general statements given by strangers like myself, currently.

In fact, they hold the same value if given by strangers, because those with no previous knowledge about us are still believing that we retain these characteristics, raising their impact on us.

We can take confidence in the understanding that our value is not so much found in our abilities or in the status we carry, but by first taking comfort in that all of us are a part of history, and a face in the world.

In this sense, we have automatic value far beyond what we may or may not predict inside ourselves.

When we bring discovery to our underlying value, even the little qualities that crowds may overlook are intricately noticed by oneself.  

Anyone can tell you nice things. But it’s the moment when you are able to tell yourself and know the very essence of your value, when true potential reaches its peak.