Taking sides : private institutions and gun free zones


Leah Ulatowski, Copy Editor

I’m a strong supporter of free will and choice for every American citizen and private institution. However, the power of choice should be revoked when the decisions of others infringe on our constitutional rights or pose danger to human life. For this reason, I am against private institutions that voluntarily make their premises “gun free zones” and state legislation that prohibits students and professors from carrying guns on college campuses. No college campus should be a gun free zone.

First and foremost, the Bill of Rights states the “right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” There is no mention of any person, institution, or government having the right to restrict this American privilege in any capacity, and thus I believe nearly all gun control measures enforced after the ratification of this amendment are unconstitutional. After all, what is a constitutional right if it is only applicable in certain places at certain times?

Secondly, any institution silly enough to designate itself a “gun free zone” is advertising itself as a sitting duck. A sign reading “gun free zone” will make most law-abiding citizens leave their firearms at home, but such words are a warm welcome for would-be mass murderers. These institutions risk innocent lives, as lunatics are not deterred. After all, no one else will be armed.

Thirdly, it isn’t always as simple as leaving if a student doesn’t like the restrictions. In this day and age we are lucky to secure stable jobs or attend a school that caters to our individual academic needs. We should not be forced to choose between our futures and our constitutional right to carry.

Some of us work the night shift or live farther away than others. The potential of our cars breaking down in an isolated area is legitimate and thus we would like to take precaution by being armed. Our private institutions and legislators do not have the right to tell us we cannot carry just because they can’t sympathize with our very real and personal circumstances.

I miss the days when it was the norm to have shooting ranges and target practice on school grounds. Our schools and private institutions were safer when we encouraged the right to carry and educated our citizens on responsible gun ownership.

All “gun free zones” only invite firearm ignorance and demonization, the violation of constitutional rights and the occasional bloodthirsty criminal into the places that should be our sanctuaries.


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