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Value Lakeland friends while you can

It’s easy to lose track of the number of times you hear people call Lakeland a “special place.” But, like all good things in life, it’s easy to take such a place for granted.

The same rings true of the bonds we form here. Jack Schoemer, Lakeland’s director of human resources, passed away on Sept. 15. His passing brought to many this realization in full force. If you just mention his name to almost any Lakeland employees—especially those in “The Commission”—chances are that he or she can conjure up a fond memory of Jack

One member of “The Commission” who is feeling Jack’s loss, Nate Dehne, advised students, “Surround yourself with good people and value those times together because you don’t get to pick when one of you isn’t going to be there.”

All should take Dehne’s advice.

Most of us at Lakeland are lucky enough to have good friends like Jack or belong to groups like “The Commission.”

What bonds us differs. If we don’t watch an unhealthy amount of mob movies together, then maybe we play the same sport, or are passionate about the same academic subject, or just enjoy a cold drink at The Pub on Saturday nights.

Whether you’re part of the faculty, staff, or student body, time here doing some of the things we love with the people we love is limited, especially at a busy place like Lakeland.

Whatever kind of social circles you belong to—and there are a lot in a close-knit community like Lakeland—don’t take them for granted.

Life at Lakeland can be busy, but remember never to be too busy for what’s most important, the relationships with good people that make Lakeland the community it is.

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Value Lakeland friends while you can