Semi-pro football team: Sheboygan County Sabercats

Matt Crowley, Staff Reporter

Football for many people is only from September to February. In the summer, there is a Semi-Pro league in Sheboygan. This team is known as the Sheboygan County SabercatsFounded two years ago by TJ Schouten who is both the owner and head coach. In Coach Schouten’s first two years as a head coach, he has gone to the championship game twice; winning it all the first year and just coming up short in his second year losing it again in the championship game. When asked about what he looks for in a team he said the following: “Biggest things I look for in a team is having a family atmosphere with the flavorTalent is great but it means nothing if you don’t play with a family”.  Family is a big aspect of the Sabercats

When asked about how they could change things from last year so that they do not get the result they got, he commented. My plan is honestly more getting guys mentally ready.  Last year we started slowWe then went on a hot streakWhen it came to the championship game, we had numerous distractions including my dad having a stroke the week before the game.  Due to this, I was missing some and mentally we weren’t preparedI put this blame on meThis year, we will be mentally ready tough”. 

Students can find the Sabercats first game of the season here at Lakeland University and cost will be $5.00 dollars a person.  When asked what Coach Schouten’s expectations for the game he said this“My expectation for the preseason game is pretty simpleFocus on the small thingsThis game will allow us to see what we have and what we need to work onGoing into any game, the goal is always to win but my ultimate goal is to see who excels where and to see what plays guys struggle with”. The Sheboygan County Sabercats will take on the Brown County Blackjacks on April 22 at Taylor Field.