Research of a Muskie!

Rueben Richardson, Staff Reporter

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is an event that celebrates students’ academics within all of Lakeland University’s academic programs to be given an opportunity to discuss the research and show the major project they have spent time on throughout the school year.

This day is essential for many because it shows the appreciation they gained from the discipline they gained to share their ideas and encourage more research projects to be formed for events in the future. The day will showcase the talent of many of the Muskies and allow them to show and present what knowledge they gained through the research to the audience.

The Symposium consisted of many outstanding presentations from the students and allowed students to get introduced to the new faculty and what they are skilled in with their teaching style.

“Teaching is widely recognized among our students; they see us in the classrooms daily. We have built our careers around learning, so we understand the importance of continual education.” Dr. Miofsky stated in an interview.

The Symposium should not only be attended because of the knowledge that could be gained from it through the excellent work of all students and staff but also to show support to your fellow Muskies for their achievements.

“I cannot think of a better way for Muskies to support other Muskies than to attend. This day is dedicated to a student: experience, discovery, creativity, and academic excellence. “said Dr. Miofsky.

Students should take their time if not able to attend the one this year, plan to show their Muskie pride and become a part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium for next year.