New events at extravaganza

Savannah Miranda, Staff Reporter


Extravaganza is a time to allow students to relax before finals and being able to hang out with one another outside of classes or sports.

There are a lot of events that are coming to campus this year. Extravaganza is a celebration for students right before finals hit and being able to hang out with friends doing different events. Extravaganza happens in the last week of April. It starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there are sporting events to attend and a massive selection of food trucks to enjoy during lunch. Some things to look forward to are a mechanical bull, obstacle course, food trucks, pep rally, movie night, bowling at the Odyssey, co-ed flag football, blue and gold awards, volleyball games, and baseball games to attend. Students who are interested in joining the committee should reach out to Lajila

The reason this event is important to Lakeland students is that it gives them time to relax and time to hang out with friends and to de-stress. Students have time to connect with people who are not in their immediate circle, but it is a time when everyone comes together as a community to celebrate making it to the end of the semester and for those who are graduating a last chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.