Muskies with Minnows

Maddie Bentley, Staff Reporter

Jordan Brown is a senior here at Lakeland, where she is getting her bachelor’s in psychology. She is expected to graduate in December of 2023. She also is the mother of 17-month-old, Theodore. I personally have gotten the chance to be in class with her, and she is always participating and bettering herself as a student as well as bringing a positive attitude with her to the classroom.

When sitting down with Jordan, I asked her a couple of questions about what it is like being a parent and also a college student.

Q: How do you like Lakeland so far?

A: She replied that Lakeland has been a really great experience, and everyone (faculty and peers) has been super understanding and great through her pregnancy.

Q: Are there any groups or organizations that you are a part of inside or outside of school?

A: “I am a Supervised visitation worker [which involves monitoring visits between non-custodial parents and children], and I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Q: How do students with children handle busy schedules?

A: She described that she has been really fortunate, especially with having a great support system. “My mom will watch my son, and I will work on homework or study. I have a sitter on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays so that I am able to come to campus for class.

Q: Any tips for other LU students with children?

A: “Time management is the biggest tip. Utilizing any time, you have and finding a great support system. My son’s father is not around, so I make sure to take advantage of using the help of all the people in my life so that I can be successful. I also stay connected with professors when scheduling issues come up, and professors have been super understanding.”

Jordan replied with one final quote to close our interview: “Having my son while being a college student is one of the largest obstacles, I’ve ever faced but is also my biggest motivator.”