Muskies Cultural Celebration

Rueben Richardson, Staff Reporter

Lakeland University holds an international night every year for the students and faculty in the Bradley Theater. International night is an event that is held to showcase different cultures through displays of their performances, traditional outfits, and flags from other countries displayed for all to see. This displays many cultures of student on campus but for all over the world as well.  

 Bora Ajdini, president of the GSA has high hopes for not only the day of international night but also for the week of it. The week before the dedicated night consists of many activities to do from April 10 to April 15. The activities vary from flag painting in the campus center to a greek god and goddess party in the Gould Commons. 

“I would like students to get more in touch with students outside of the U.S. and get into the different cultures. Along with that, I want them to have fun but stay informed from the events to learn more about other countries that are not the U.S.” commented Ajdini 

The hopes for future international nights for Lakeland are to branch out even further within the community of Wisconsin. To be able to share a bit of culture with the community is what many people crave not only to help with being homesick but also to help people gain more knowledge about new places 

Be sure to catch the week of international week April 10 leading up to the international night April 15 at 7:30 pm.