Love, Lust, and Understanding

Savannah Miranda, Staff Reporter

Love and Lust is a new course on campus that is taught by Dr. Burns. It is about multiple disciplinary perspectives to explain what exactly love is, how it affects us, and the roles it plays in cultures worldwide. What students will learn about this class is the history of love, self-concept, romance, love languages and so many more. The way communication and sexual assault connect within love and lust is that consent is everything for both parties and being able to say no at any time. We learn from love and lust that sexual assault comes in so many different forms. “Consent means freely giving, but there is no manipulation and gives you awareness to know when you are feeling pressured, or you do not feel right.

Breaking down different romantic orientations and sexual orientations and seeing the diversity in love and lust shows that we can critique these things and we can talk about these things the more we talk about them.” Love and Lust can be described in many ways, but the way she describes it is that love and lust do not have to exist at the same time, but both are to be viewed. Some of the love languages are quality time, physical touch, gift-giving, and words of affirmation. Students can benefit from it in many ways. They could learn what your love language is and learn how to build a community of people you can trust but learn to build a healthier relationship with your significant other; that is now or in the future. The most important lesson you will learn from this class is self-reflection and questioning everything you once knew about yourself but being able to be ok with the new things you learn.

Love and Lust is a core II class offered in the fall and spring semesters.