Lakeland University all star partnership

Elijah Santiago, Staff Reporter

Lakeland University loves to educate diverse individuals of all backgrounds. Being a root for the students to branch from and succeed in life. Whether you were a business major, Art major or even a science major. Lakeland has somewhere for you to go and can give you the right way to approach it. One of the highlights at Lakeland university is the connections that have come over the years. Sargento, Johnsonville, Blue harbor and so many more. So many students have been able to branch out to the local jobs of Sheboygan and excel in life thanks to these connections. One of the newest sights around Lakeland is the Boys and Girls Club.

The Boys and Girls club of Sheboygan has been working hard to take great steps towards even greater success for the youth. With the help of recent spikes in Lakeland students being interested in working with the youth. This new relationship has created some fantastic opportunities for both parties and the students. Finding another job in the area can widen your horizon of opportunities in the city of Sheboygan. This also gives the students going into education or whoever wants to work with youth, a first-person opportunity to experience before going into it or finding a dream job early in their career. During the college years the best thing to do is surround yourself with options. Coming to Lakeland, you already have access to all the ones they worked so hard to gain and the doors will continue to open.

There is no telling where the future of Lakeland and the Boys and Girls club is going but one thing people can assume is that it’s going to be good. If you are a current Lakeland student and are interested in working with the you make sure you check out the Boys and Girls club website for more information at: . There are many opportunities to succeed in life and this might be the one for you.