Blue & Gold Awards

Maddie Bentley, Staff Reporter

Lakeland’s Blue & Gold Awards were held on April 28 in the Campus Center event space. Over 200 people attended this event, and more than 50 awards were handed out to faculty, athletics, fraternities & sororities, and many different student organizations.

The awards handed out were:

– Student Advocates: Jeremiah Jones, Paige Kirchmeier, Xavier Thomas, Ty’Jah Simon, Michael Barragan, Sydney Walker, and Makenzy Meredith

– Staff and Faculty Award: David Gallianetti, Rick Dodgson, and LaJill Edge

– Emerging Leaders: Brendan Perry, Jordyn Clark, Vyron Rosquist-Wallace, Matthew Glogowski, Roseily Carrasquillo, Nyla Spicer, Ashton Wallace, and Lauryn Johnson

– Demonstrating Excellence as an Individual Campus Life: Justin McMahon, Sierra Muth, Kerstin Sauerbrei, Aiden Hager, Jake Sagal, Hailey DeGrave, Ryuichi Hashimoto, Erika Rosberg, and Ayano Takeda

– The new Blue & Gold Champions: Evelyn Adekunle, Jalen Pernell, Jenna Caterino, Emma Golfis, Dom Hogan, Josh Givens, Autumn Kovach, Erika Rosberg, Dylan Rouse, Daniel Siebert, Ty’Jah Simon, and Paige Pierson

– Outstanding Resident Assistant awards: Senior RA: Bora Ajdini; RA: Gabe Maynes; Rookie of the Year: Bella Westerholm

– Outstanding Student Organization Advisor: Rick Dodgson

– Student Chief Executive Officer “President”: Justin McMahon; runner-up: Bora Ajdini and Sierra Muth

– Outstanding New Organization: Alpha Phi Iota

– Inter Greek Council 5 Star: Beta Sigma Omega fraternity and Phi Delta Omega sorority.

– Dean’s Cup: Beta Sigma Omega

– Outstanding Commuter Student: Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hockenhull, Madeline Buechel, Heather Klepin, Nariah Scott, Ariana Soto, and John Putnam

– Outstanding Office of Admissions Employee: Hannah Verhunce

– Community Service Award for mentoring/Ladies and Gentlemen of Virtue: Briuna Harper, Justin McMahon, Jalen Parnell, Quintrell Randle, Devon Harris, Lauryn Johnson, Jeremiah Jones, Makenzy Meredith, Ty’Jah Simon, Xaviar Thomas, Olivia Curley, and Khalila Corry

– W. Hoernemann Award: Christian Knox

– Pat Curran Award: Karlis Ozols

– Outstanding E-Sports Student-Athlete: Christopher Dedert

– Lakeland Athletics Man of the Year: Tyler LaMack

– Lakeland Athletics Woman of the Year: Emily Duchow

– Biggest Fan: Jake Leclaire

– Coach of the Year: Amber Peterson

When sitting down with Jordyn Clark and Erika Rosberg, they had nothing but positive words to say about the awards they won and the work that they do around campus to ensure that all students get the best out of their time here at Lakeland.

“I really appreciate being recognized as one of the emerging leaders here at Lakeland. We have a huge pond of talented muskies, and I’m excited to see what I can bring to the table next semester,” Jordyn remarked.

Erika Rosberg closed with, “I am involved around campus and push myself to be the best person that I can be for everything I am involved with. I’m also really supported by people like G-Force, Kim Vilglietti, all of the Blue & Gold Days staff, the admissions office staff, and those who push me in the honors program. Everyone who I work with wants me to be the best person I can which motivates me to get better. Ultimately, Lakeland has allowed me to pursue my passions while being a leader amongst my peers and being the best me I can be.”