Blue and Gold Champions

Matt Crowley, Staff Reporter

Remember when us students walked onto campus for our first semester of LakelandOr even attending Blue and Gold DaysWell, you may remember some of the students that work for the schoolThose are the Blue and Gold ChampionsBlue and Gold champions students that work for the school with summer and fall orientation and take lead in activities during Blue and Gold Days

What many students may not know is that being a Blue and Gold Champion pays the highest on campusWhile most jobs on campus are paying $8.00- $9.00 dollars an hour, being a Blue and Gold Champion costs up to $12.00 an hourThis is a limited time position only during the summerIf students are wondering how to apply, they can email Margaret Albrink at [email protected].  Along with helping incoming freshman get to know campus the Champions would be staying on campus for the duration of that time.   

However, the interviews for this year’s Blue and Gold Champions are over, but that does not mean you can start thinking about next summerIf students want to become Blue and Gold Champion, they can look to apply at Handshake next year to get this great opportunity.