The Daily Grind

Karla Ceja, Staff Reporter

While all our muskies know and love The Daily Grind, do they truly know who the hard-working students behind the counter? For example, Haley Rich, junior Marketing major and sports management minor. Supervisor of The Daily Grind, Haley oversees shifts and offers a helping hand when needed. Hired in her first year at Lakeland, Haley enjoys making side cash for school-related expenses.

On average, Haley works roughly 16 hours a week, which she detailed as perfect for juggling her schoolwork. Haley mentioned her appreciation for the flexibility working at The Daily Grind provides her, allowing her room to breathe and tackle other tasks. According to Haley, “I enjoy the free coffee and getting to encounter many different students.”

Often, The Daily Grind overflows with hungry Muskies. Haley said, “It gets hectic during lunch time with students between classes. The pizza and burritos are an unbeatable favorite. Besides being so delicious, the food is also ready for the students in just minutes.”

Try this menu hack next time you’re headed to The Daily Grind: Add toppings to pizza! For the coffee lovers around campus, try Haley’s favorite drink: iced salted caramel with hazelnut and almond milk.