Social Media Presence at Lakeland University

Michaela Schmitz, Staff Reporter

Lakeland University offers a variety of programs both academically and athletically while also offering several extracurricular programs. Every one of these programs has their own social media presence either on Facebook, Instagram, or both. While most people know about the major sports teams and popular extracurricular programs, we tend to let quite a few smaller organizations slip through the cracks.

Starting with some lesser-known sports, we have women’s golf, esports, Cross Country, wrestling, and the Lakeland dance team. To look at some of their events and check out the people who participate on these teams, check out the Instagram handles listed below.

Academics play an enormous role in furthering critical thinking and awareness of not only how to successfully navigate the workforce but also on how to interact with others. Bettering our intellect can only produce positive results and that is apparent by the different academic programs here at Lakeland. To check out some of the programs check out these handles below.

Lakeland Universities community is all about creating lasting connections and lending help to the world around us. Several organizations focus on these elements along with celebrating diversity, faith, and family along the way. Check out these different organizations below and how they are impacting Lakeland and the Sheboygan community.

If you ever find yourself in need of advice career-wise or even in your personal life, there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand. If you are struggling in a class, the HARC is a great place to go. Struggling with a drastic change or even just managing the stress of work and school, counseling services at Lakeland are absolutely perfect for you. Check out all of the different programs at Lakeland that are set up to help students who need an extra helping hand. You can also find all the student activities and campus life programs below as well.

Whether you are looking to find out more about life on campus or how other students are showing school spirit, these handles below are perfect for you.

Lakeland University clearly has options available that could interest anyone. However, if you have an idea for a new organization that you do not see listed, please contact Lakeland, and present a pitch to start one. Our community is always looking to broaden, diversify, and spread our positive mentality to as many people as we can.