Simple Ways to Improve Lives

Andrés Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Has someone ever made your day with the smallest gesture? Do you ever want to help others but feel as though you don’t have time? If that’s the case, keep reading to find out how to make someone’s day brighter.

School can be difficult enough and life does a good enough job of being difficult. Doing little things can help make Lakeland feel more like home and improve spirits on campus. During winter months it is tougher to get out and it can get monotonous. Lakeland Student Brandon Uhlean had this to say about what makes his day.

“I really love it when people take the time to ask me about my day. It makes me feel important and valued even if I don’t know the person too well.”

It’s very common to think grand gestures are the only way to make a difference but you have to start somewhere. The little things matter. Smiling at someone is a great way to start. It may sound cheesy but a 2003 study by Barbara Wild and her colleagues have shown that it can ‘in fact’ be contagious.

Not only are smiles contagious but regardless of whether we are happy or not smiling actually makes you happier too. An article from NBC explains that

“A smile spurs a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain hormones including dopamine and serotonin.”

These hormones help us feel happier so it might serve a dual purpose by making someone else’s and yours too.

While there is not studies for everything, think back on a bad day where someone opened the door, smiled, or asked how your day was. Remember how that felt to have the day be just a little better because of a random act of kindness. If we all help each other out during these tough times our community here at Lakeland can be a second home for all of us.