Muskie’s Made Masterpieces for the Annual Art & Design Student Exhibition

Rachel Pagel, Staff Reporter

On Friday, April 1, the Bradley theater opened to showcase work from Lakeland University students enrolled in art and design classes. The exhibit featured over 100 pieces from students enrolled in art classes like Advanced Image Editing, Color Theory, Drawing, Painting, 2D Design and Digital Illustration.  

Lakeland University gives all students the opportunity to express themselves regardless of major. Around half of the artwork was done by non-art or design majors. Jospeh Pollock, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, stated that, “It is really an inclusive show because it incorporates art from students from all different majors. It includes the whole university.” Evelyn Adekunle, a business major, who took painting and had art featured in the gallery stated, “At first it was more just taking the class for the requirement, but I actually enjoyed it. I didn’t even think I could paint. So, it was pretty cool that I actually painted a skull.” The exhibit captures and showcases the talent and creativity of students, regardless of major, at Lakeland University.  

Another student that had work in the show, Katylyn Weidig, graphic design major, stated, “The art and design program at Lakeland has pushed me to try new things and expand my skills.”  Pollock was also available for students to ask questions about art and design classes and the program itself.  

Any questions about the exhibit or the art and design programs at Lakeland University can be sent to Joseph Pollock at [email protected].