LU Campus Safety: Behind the Scenes

Elijah Santiago, Staff Reporter

Right here, in Plymouth, you will find one of the safest schools in Wisconsin. Ranked as the second safest university in Wisconsin and amongst the safest universities of the Midwest, our campus safety team works hard to maintain this status by being the front line of safety and assistance for the Muskies of Lakeland University.

Beyond parking tickets, our campus safety team aids students with various needs from vehicle lockouts to dead batteries, and provides many self-defense classes, harassment training, and shredding services. Members of this elite squad are known as our campus safety officers. They are a huge part of the Muskie family, and some of the team even takes classes on campus.

Our campus safety team ensures that our family is protected. A few of them are, Stephanie Kersten, Rachel Veenendaal, Thai Yang, Cole Zondag, Jason Lee, Steve Ross and the Director, Chris Ringel. Collectively, the team devotes most of their day-to-day life to us and Lakeland University.

Although Lakeland University is amongst the best schools and safest schools in the Midwest, there are some unsolved mysteries of campus ghosts that Campus Safety has never solved.

Within Old Main, one of the schools’ oldest buildings, the campus safety team is sometimes brought to chills. Within the Bradley Theatre, Campus Safety must deal with the Bradley phantom, who screams all through the aisles of the theatre, shaking the bones of each of our campus safety team members late at night.

Although we will never know if this is true or not, one thing is for sure; many of our campus safety team members believe there is something out there!

Veenendaal and Kersten both detailed how they are very petrified at the thought of walking across the stage of Bradley late at night with the lights off and all alone. These are some mysteries that Lakeland will hold in the shadows forever and if you investigate too hard, they might even drag you in next!