Lakeland Tutors

Andrés Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Do you find seeing the tutors here at Lakeland University Intimidating? Well,  tutors have something to say to students that may help. Seeing a tutor can be scary because of insecurities, bad experiences or just being embarrassed. Writing tutor Jacob Sagal says that “Being a tutor makes me better. I love reading other people’s papers because it helps me see where I can improve”. Despite what we may think, tutors don’t know everything. It’s their job to help other students but they learn by doing so as well.

That’s what they are there for, to help us learn because we all need a little help sometimes. Jessica Leicht, our Communications and Graphic Design tutor says she “Likes to see when students finally have that light bulb moment and understand the material” because it’s rewarding for her. Yes it is a job but when the people doing it care about the impact they have it becomes more than that. It becomes an opportunity for Muskies to come together.

Our tutors genuinely want to help the Lakeland community succeed. Each and every tutor is a Muskie too and are doing their part to help their fellow students. So regardless of how you find the courage to ask for help, Lakeland’s tutors are always there.