International Night Brings Cultural Collaboration

Rachel Pagel, Staff Reporter

The Global Student Association, with the support of the School of Humanities and Fine arts, will host an International Night on April 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Bradley Theatre.  

This event will display different cultures and bring awareness of the beauty of diversity through the inclusion of songs, a display of national clothes and a variety of dances. 

Students interested in participating can reach out to Bora Ajdini, vice president of the Global Student Association, or Gabrielle Barefield on the “LU Global Student Association” Facebook Page.   

Ajdini commented that, “It is fun to participate because you get to partake in the demonstration of cultural values.” Participating in the event can also create valuable memories and experiences.  

Jazmine Tidwell, president of the Global Student Association, shared her memories from a previous International Night, “My fondest memory from my freshman year is dancing the Mexican dance with a few other Lakeland students and seeing students dressed in various cultural attire.”  

Not only can students participate in the event, but they can also come to see it. Ajdini highly recommends students to come. “Students should attend because it is a great way to be exposed to different parts of a culture and it is a learning opportunity.”  

Additionally, Tidwell highlighted her favorite part of International Night, “My favorite part of International Night is learning different dances from other countries and dressing up in their traditional attire.” Being involved in International Night, either participating or attending will give students a valuable experience of culture and diversity.