Featuring Lakeland Seniors: Chanel, Mercades, and Cheyenne

Lakeland Senior, Chanel Bradford.

Karla Ceja, Staff Reporter

Our Lakeland Muskies are eager to graduate. They had a fun, and stressful experiences throughout their time at Lakeland. It’s a bittersweet moment for our psychology Lakeland muskies that are closing the door to their athletic and singing career.

Chanel J. Bradford, from Metro-Detroit Michigan, is majoring in Psychology. Bradford is also on the Women’s basketball team. Bradford isn’t stopping here, she’s also enrolling in the fall to pursue her master’s degree in sport and performance psychology. Throughout her time in Lakeland, it always had a welcoming environment that felt like she never left home.

Another senior majoring in Psychology is Mercades L. Jager. Jager is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Jager came on her tour she fell in love with how beautiful the Lakeland campus was. She loves her alone time at the chapel where she gets to play piano and sing. She’s going to miss her friends and the Beta events that she experienced with her brothers and sisters. After graduation, she’ll continues to work at Blue Harbor Resort while she seeks a job in her field of interest.

Throughout the 4 years of playing softball at Lakeland, Cheyenne R. Mathas is closing her softball career after graduation. Mathas is from St. John, Indiana majoring in Psychology. Besides being part of the softball team, she was also involved in the Beta Psi Nu Sorority. Her education also doesn’t stop just yet, she’s going to enroll in grad school to study applied behavior analysis with an emphasis on autism.

Lakeland has provided a welcoming, different, and unique environment. They all left a piece of themselves within the basketball team, the walls of the chapel, and the softball field.