Dear Sugar…

Maddie Bentley, Staff Reporter

Tiny, Beautiful Things was a smashing hit! When I asked students around campus if they enjoyed the play, all gave more than positive reviews and applauded the entire cast on their performances.  

The plot consists of an anonymous advice columnist that went by the name, Sugar. She helped all of these different people who would write to her and along with the advice given, she would share some personal stories of her own to get her message across. 

When talking to the director and cast behind the scenes, they shared a little bit of what goes into creating a successful performance:

Q: What is the hardest part about getting ready for the final performances? 

A: They shared that the hardest part of getting ready for the final performances was getting really in touch with the character and all of the emotions and components that go into it. They also shared that memorization was very tedious and took enormous amounts of practice and late nights to get down. 

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of this experience? 

A: They shared that being around new people was an exhilarating experience that allowed them to branch out of their normal friend groups. They also shared that playing different characters in the same play was a fun experience. One of the biggest struggles we have had to overcome as a community, Covid-19, would not be affecting this play which was also a rewarding thing that the cast members and director were looking forward to when rehearsing and getting ready for the final performances. Lastly, they all said that the growth of each individual and the dedication that everyone had, made the experience truly amazing. 

Q: What kinds of things do you do to get ready for the play? 

A: “Lots of repetition and planning, look over what scripts will work, auditions, comfort levels and conflicts, hauling set pieces on and off the stage, costume changes for each character in the play, makeup, lights for each scene, other involvement, budgeting costs, and rehearsal times.” 

Q: How much time is dedicated to this performance? 

A: The cast said that the time varies but rehearsal times were usually 15-25 hours every week, production is double that amount of time, licensing of the show takes 2 months to get, and overall is 100+ hours “easily.”