An Employer’s Playbook for Talent Continues This Spring

Michaela Schmitz, Staff Reporter

This spring, Lakeland University continues hosting a virtual series titled, An Employers Playbook for Talent. The series focuses on helping students and fellow professionals better understand how to advance personal success and growth throughout their years in the professional world.  

This semester’s first event kicked off on February 17, 2022, with guest speaker Yengee Lor. Lor is the president and founder of Faithful Counseling and shared their presentation on how to successfully handle and adapt to transitions within the workplace.  

After an impressive 45-minute presentation, Lor opened the remaining ten minutes for the audience to ask any questions they had during her presentation. This format allowed students to not only benefit from the knowledge of a highly trained, respected professional, but also allowed them to develop a deeper understanding with that person, as well.  

The event received more attention and participants than originally anticipated, raising hopes for high attendance at future events as well.  

Christopher Ledvina, assistant director of cooperative partnerships, selects a topic every semester that is original, intriguing, and beneficial to not only Lakeland students but also to fellow professionals in the Sheboygan community in the hopes that attendance will continue to expand. 

This semester focuses on the various forms of transitions that one will experience at some point within their careers. Ledvina hopes “the events will give students a better sense of what employers are looking for and expecting from a professional.”  

Students still have an opportunity to sign up for the next few events that are part of the series. The next event will take place on March 10, 2022 and focus on making the transition from an entry level position into a management position.  

Talent Development Manager for Kohler hospitality and real estate businesses, Kelly Gonzalez, is eager to share her expertise with Lakeland students and the Sheboygan community. 

According to Ledvina, “The events are free for students and only requires registering either by going to or by going to today.lakeland/events.”  

Join LU’s next event and watch as your newfound knowledge starts to play a significant and beneficial role in your career.