A Fresh “Spare” of Eyes

Rachel Pagel, Staff Reporter

This year, the Lakeland women’s bowling team rolled out new coaches—Natalie Wojtczak, head coach, and Tyra Hopson, assistant coach. Wojtczak and Hopson have teamed up to create a welcoming environment for all new members. 

Despite being new, Wojtczak and Hopson have enjoyed coaching the team and the learning experiences that have come with it. “We have really seen some great developments in scores over the last month as we are continually breaking our previous records at each tournament,” said Wojtczak.  

Hopson, a Lakeland bowler herself, enjoyed transitioning from player to coach because of her ability to put herself in their shoes and easily relate to the current team members. Together, Wojtczak and Hopson are expanding the bowling program by traveling to more tournaments and adding new members to the team.  

The bowling program is currently looking for new members to join the bonding and learning adventure. Wojtczak highlighted her experience with the team by saying, “We have a small group of girls that all bond, so it was great being able to interact with them on our car rides down!” Hopson also added her side. “Another enjoyable part is bonding with the girls every weekend; getting to know them outside of bowling and school.”  

The women’s bowling team practices once individually and then twice together as a team every week for team bonding. Regarding recent practices, Hopson said, “Lately, it’s been funny to watch them work together and come up with different chants as we bowl.”  

Cameron Lee, a sophomore, is currently on the bowling team and spoke highly of the new assistant coach. “[Hopson] reminded me that she is not only my coach, but a friend. Those words still resonate with me as this semester will probably be my last here at Lakeland.”  

The women’s bowling team does not require any previous experience to join. Lee recommends students to join and calls it an “Experience you will never forget.”