Third Annual Lessons from Students Premieres Tomorrow!


Image courtesy of Charlie Krebs

Lessons from Students premieres on December 2, 2021, at 11 am in the Bradley Theatre.

Elijah Santiago, Staff Reporter

As we all know, life lessons can be learned in a variety of ways; however, many of us also know some of the best life lessons come from our mentors, coaches, family members, and fellow Muskies. 3 years ago, Charlie Krebs, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Communication, understood this better than anyone so he developed our annual Lessons from Students convocation. This event inspires students to share the most important lessons they have learned so far and premieres on December 2, 2021, at 11 am in the Bradley Theatre.

Lessons from Students will feature students from Charlie’s Advanced Public Speaking course, and they will be providing the best lessons they have learned while to get through higher education. This event is a great opportunity for these students to showcase their powerful public speaking skills, as well. This year’s theme focuses on how to live a fulfilling life, not for others but for yourself. Lessons from Students will feature 7 amazingly talented speakers with impressively relatable topics focused on finding a life worth living:

  • Bora Ajdini – Growing Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • EhDoo Htoo – Being Around People Who Share Your Values
  • Matt Crowley – Taking Every Opportunity in Life
  • Sammy Butler – Making Connection in Life
  • Nate Cooper – Hope
  • Savannah Miranda – Life Can Steer You in Many Different Directions
  • Elijah Santiago – How Hunger Can Ignite the Flame for Success.

As the ringleader and organizer of this event, Charlie will be celebrating his very last Lessons from Students convocation, as he is retiring at the end of this academic year. “This is an amazing experience that gives students the opportunity to practice for the real world before getting there,” said Charlie. Lessons from Students is open to the public, so be sure to come support your fellow Muskies on Thursday December 21, 2021, in the Bradley Theatre at 11 am.