TEDxLakelandUniversity: An Annual Tradition

Bora Ajdini, Staff Reporter

On October 21 at 7:30 PM, numerous Sheboygan County leaders will be presenting at the third annual TEDxLakelandUniversity in the Bradley Theatre. This year’s TEDxLakelandUniversity features 10 individuals who will speak on various topics, such as developing innovative mindsets, combatting social injustice, and creating the best version of yourself. Speakers will be offering their insights and expertise based on their unique backgrounds, which range from mental health specialist to successful company CEO to innovation accelerator.

TEDxLakelandUniversity first premiered in October of 2018 with 11 speakers. Charlie Krebs, Associate Professor of Theater and Communication, applied for a license to host TEDx events at Lakeland University. “I thought, why don’t we do this at Lakeland,” Charlie said. Not only did Charlie want Lakeland students to have the opportunity to present TED Talks, but he also thought it would push the envelope of knowledge.

The speakers and their topics are:

  • Laura Pascoe and Angie Prinsen: “How Shifting Your Mindset Can Lead to Innovation”
  • Christina Singh:” How Design Thinking Combats Social Injustice”
  • Emily Rendall-Araujo: “Exceptional Aging”
  • Ben Leibham: “How Sustainable Design Can Work For Businesses”
  • Nick O’Brien: “How to Create More Luck and Serendipity in Your Life”
  • Shashank Varma: “Constraints Create Higher Level Innovation than Unlimited Freedom”
  • Zach Zellner: “Staging Your Personal Innovation”
  • Deidre Martinez: “Managing Adversity Leads to Innovation”
  • Paul Bartelt: “The Virtuous Cycle-Creating the Best Version of Yourself”

Paul Bartlet, President and CEO of Vollrath, was thrilled to be asked to be one of the speakers, as he has always been a fan of the TED Talk format.  With his presentation, he hopes to challenge the audience to assess their personal innovation progress and take action if they are not satisfied with their personal innovation.  Deidre Martinez, executive director of The Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce, hopes to leave the audience feeling empowered to make changes and be motivated to do things differently.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is limited seating for the public for this event. Tickets are free and can be reserved by visiting https://tedxlakelanduniversity.com/ticket-request-form and using the online form. Tickets will be available for pickup at the Box Office found in the lobby of the Bradley Theatre on the night of the event. Masks are required for anyone wishing to attend.

Anyone with questions can contact Charlie Krebs at [email protected] for more information about this event.