Magical Muskies: Lakeland University Brings Ben Seidman to Campus


Corvin Giles

Ben Seidman performing at Lakeland University.

Elijah Santiago, Staff Reporter

On November 18, 2021, Lakeland University experienced the magic of Ben Seidman. When the show started, Ben bounded onto the stage full of energy and dazzled his audience with a mixture of psychological magic and comedy using only a few items to perform his act: a gift-wrapped box, a bag of flour, and his personal belongings. Using sleight-of-hand tricks to slowly bring the crowd in, he pulled out the big tricks once the Muskies were hooked. Ben even brought in students from the crowd to help with some of his tricks.

Originally from Milwaukee, Ben stared his career off in local bars and worked hard to make his way all the way to the top. Ben Seidman has appeared on many different shows such as Penn & Teller, Fool US, and was also Johnny Knoxville’s magic consultant. He was also a guest star on the Netflix series, Brainchild.  Before running onto the stage, Ben explained how he works on all his tricks to be as personal as can be. “Creating an environment the crowd has never seen before is always a passion of mine”

He also left the crowd with very important message—fate is like a letter in a bottle. People can try to create a new future for themselves but there is already an outline for you somewhere in a bottle. For more information about Ben Seidman here is a link to his socials (Magician Ben Seidman).