Lakeland’s Efforts toward a More Inclusive & Diverse Campus


David Aragon

One of the CCEB’s new rooms, located on the third floor of Old Main.

Bora Ajdini, Staff Reporter

In continuing Lakeland University’s efforts toward diversity and inclusion, the Community Center for Equity and Belonging (CCEB) re-opened its doors for students on the third floor of Old Main on Sept. 21, 2021. The CCEB, previously located in the now-demolished Grosshuesch Hall, was and remains a safe space for students to conduct gatherings and participate in activities. The grand re-opening of the CCEB is just one of the many events focused on diversity and inclusion occurring this fall, as Lakeland University is committed to helping and supporting students become everything they can while providing them with an inclusive, accessible, and supportive environment.

Join the University’s efforts by attending Pride Week, (Oct. 4 – 8, 2021), Indigenous People’s Day (Oct. 11, 2021), and Transgender Remembrance Day (Nov. 20, 2021), and many more activities put together by the Black Student Union (BSU), Japanese Association ALAS (Association of Latin American Students), GSA (Global Student Association), throughout the year.

In another initiative to support diversity and inclusion on campus, Lakeland continues it work with the Justice and Equity Committee (JEC). The purpose of the Justice and Equity Committee is to embody Lakeland University’s mission “of educating individuals of diverse backgrounds, preparing them to think critically, to communicate effectively, to succeed professionally, and to lead ethical, purposeful, and fulfilling lives.” The JEC is committed to appreciating students from all backgrounds and providing every student with fair opportunities and an equitable learning environment. The JEC includes Reverend Julie Mavity Maddalena, LeShay Guy, President Beth Borgen, faculty members, staff, and student members.

The JEC is committed to expanding social justice initiatives, by reviewing management policies and on-campus resources, and involving students to achieve justice and equity within the Lakeland community. “The Justice and Equity Committee is one step closer towards becoming a more diverse campus. Lakeland does have a diverse body of students and we want to make sure that we continue to do what we’ve been doing so Lakeland becomes even more diverse and we embody our mission statement,” LeShay stated.

In the same spirit of inclusion and belonging, Lakeland’s Cooperative Education team developed a monthly training series that includes topics such as “Diversity in the workplace,” “Laws behind Diversity, Equity and Belonging Initiatives in the Workplace,” and “How to support LGBTQ employees.” Ultimately, Lakeland University values its students, cares for their wellbeing, and wants to ensure their happiness on campus through its efforts toward a more inclusive and diverse campus.