Lakeland Ranked Best Online Bachelor’s in International Business Programs for 2021

Amber Walker, Staff Reporter

Lakeland’s Bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in international business is rated in the eighth place of a nationwide ranking, called “2021 Best Online Bachelors in International Business programs” by is one of the largest websites that have access from more than 25 million students in a month. They provide lists of schools and courses for educational seekers. The ranking, “2021 Best Online Bachelors in International Business programs,” published on Mar. 15, 2021, is one of their article that presents the best schools with excellent online Bachelor’s degree program in International Business, evaluated in terms of tuition, acceptance rate, graduation rate, financial aid coverage, placement service, and career service.

According to, Lakeland’s experiential education, Cooperative Education Program, and availability of study-abroad program was highly valued. “Lakeland offers a unique online bachelor’s in business administration program with an emphasis in international business, combining managerial skills with the knowledge to do work with companies abroad… Business administration is one of Lakeland’s most popular majors. Students gain broad exposure to the business curriculum while honing specific areas of expertise in their area of emphasis,” written in

Kim Viglietti, an instructor of Business, described the strength of Lakeland’s Business program. “The biggest takeaway from our bachelor’s degree is having a broad-brush understanding of business, how it works and coincides in the business world with other majors, and the importance of market research,” Viglietti stated. Junior Amanda Brandt explains that she feels as though “I think that is a decent ranking. It surprises me though that it isn’t higher on the list for Lakeland majors, because I know a lot of Lakeland students are Business majors (including myself).”

According to Viglietti, the popular post-graduate careers of Business majors are a data analyst, marketing analyst, market research coordinator, channel manager, and products manager. Those future careers are the result of the constant efforts of faculty who are enthusiastic about teaching. “My love for our bachelor program is deep-rooted… I love showing the students the why of something. Why a company pays 5.5 million dollars for a 30 second Superbowl ad, why a company takes a product back out to market research and delays the product launch,” Viglietti mentioned.

Viglietti expressed her feeling about the ranking that “I am proud that Lakeland received eighth in a nationwide ranking for our online Bachelor program. For a small school, we have many diverse classes offered that give our graduates a well-rounded degree & experience.” It can be said that the ranking will give Lakeland a positive outlook and spread the bright academic program of Lakeland to all around the nation.

Amanda Brandt, a Business major students, adds “There are a lot of good things about the Business major. For one, the Business major includes a wide range of subjects such as Accounting, Marketing, and Management to name a few. I think it is a very safe major to choose because you can do so much with it. When looking for jobs, it is also helpful because it isn’t so specialized.”

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