Wehr Center Closed Temporarily

Amber Walker, Staff Reporter

Due to this pandemic and the issues within it, Lakeland University has made several changes to things when it comes to how the school operates under the unforeseen circumstances. April Arvan, who is the director of athletics for Lakeland, says,There were several different factors that went into the decision. In speaking with David Simon, this decision was made mainly over COVID related issues. It appeared that closing the Wehr center was in the best interest for all. It gave us an opportunity to get outside and take advantage of the timely warm weather. We also took some time to step back and evaluate our management and cleaning procedures.”  

The decision was also made with non-athletes who use the gym in mind. Arvan said,We closed it down completely to all users. It happened to be about 48 hours prior to moving classes to all online. We have been mindful of how the virus can spread and simply the nature of athletics and the fitness center usage. 

With the daily changes with this pandemic, re-opening is a little more difficult because of all of the changes. Re-opening is really hanging in the balance.  

Arvan shares,We are under all the stipulations as the other buildings on campus. As it stands right now, the Wehr center remains closed till at least November 20. She added,From an intercollegiate athletics standpoint, we follow NCAA, federal, state and local guidelines and we are adapting by the day. We are in continuous communication with David Simon who is leading our campus in the right direction. 

This pandemic has caused a lot of chaos, but Lakeland is still doing its best to move forward. Keeping students and staff safe is top priority.