New Brotz Hall Resident Policies to Secure the Students


Emi Tsuji, Staff Reporter

All Brotz residents are checking in guests at the entrance desks during visiting hours to ensure the safety and security of every student. 

Jennifer Daly, hall director of Brotz, informed all the residents about the new Brotz residence policies via email on Jan. 30. The new policies are students have to walk in through the front main entrance of Brotz; the other doors are locked now. If students want to check in guests who are not residents of Brotz, they need to write their name, guest’s name, and leave their ID at the check-in desk. The visitor hours are from noon to 9:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, and noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday, but guests are allowed to hang out at the Brotz lobby 24/7. 

 Daly explained the purpose of the new policies. “This is just the start of a larger vision and mission that residence life and all of Lakeland are striving to create: a community where all students feel safe and comfortable. So, this is just one step. And just as times change, things change and we need to keep creating things so that we can have a better, safer place for Everyone.” 

 Megan Sullivan, an RA in Brotz, shows her understanding about new policies. “I understand that it’s necessary for us to continue taking these steps to ensure the safety of our students and to progress as a university. I’m still able to have my friends over and I’m still able to see them for a good amount of time during the day. And if I want to see my friends, but visiting hours are over, I could always go somewhere else or hang out in the lobby with them. So, it really hasn’t made much of a big change for me personally,” Sullivan stated. 

For the safety of the students, Daly elaborated the positive effects of the new policies. “I think it’ll make everybody feel more safe, comfortable and like at home. I think this is one step in a positive direction. We’re trying to just implement policies that’ll help for safety and security, that’s the biggest reason. You have to think that it’s a small walk around the building but it’s helping somebody in the end.” 

YiCong Zhang, a junior student and Brotz resident, mentioned, “My position is neutral for the policy because I understand that limiting the number of available doors brings safety for the residents, but on the other hand, it is frustrating to walk around the building when I come back from the gym or throwing the trash in the dumpster. We need solutions for those Inconveniences.” 

Daly encouraged students to bring up their suggestions to make a community better. “I am a huge, huge advocate, and supporter of students coming forth with questions and concerns about all the new policies that are happening. This is a college campus. You’re encouraged to use your voice and have questions. That’s good. I urge students to have more ideas and solutions to help us create a safer place, like this. I really want students to understand that you guys are contributing to making this place a better, safer place.” 

For bringing concerns or suggestions up, contact residence life in your hall or speak to Daly, [email protected]