Lakeland Ranks Within the Top Schools

Amber Walker, Staff Reporter

According to the U.S News and World Report for the year 2020, Lakeland has ranked ninth in top performers on social mobility, and 115-156 in the regional universities Midwest.  

Dr. Joshua Kutney, dean of the Kellett School of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, was asked to give his opinion on the rankings and how Lakeland can maintain its social mobility recognition. 

Regarding Lakeland’s ranking, Kutney shared, “It’s a nice recognition — our students from diverse economic backgrounds are graduating at a higher level. We try not to get too excited about rankings of this sort. If we don’t make the list, that doesn’t mean that we (as a school) fall short. The affirmation is nice, though. Lakeland ranking so high is also good for our marketing.”  

Kutney had some thoughts on what helped Lakeland rank high. I think it aligns in part with co-op being able to minimize student debt, regardless of the student’s background. We also actively support all students at each level of their educational journey. Lakeland has a great student support system. 

Lakeland having the potential to keep with the rankings, if not get higher, seems to be achievable. Kutney said,We ranked higher this year than last. If we keep our promises, (co-op, retention, academic and advising support) it will be achieved. We want to make sure that our students succeed, no matter their background.”  

Lakeland is grateful for their students, and watching them grow, from the first step as a freshman, to the last step after walking the stage. The success of the students is the success of Lakeland.