First Generation College Student Day

Amber Walker, Staff Reporter

When a person is first in their generation to go to school, it is a big accomplishment. This year Lakeland has made the decision to celebrate those students that have decided to take a big step and continue their education 

Ashley Hall, who is the assistant director of the Opus program has given us an interesting look as to what the plan is for celebrating these students and their decision they made.  

We are looking to celebrate first generation college students. We worked through some ways on how to celebrate these students for making a milestone, which is how the milestone and this event came to be, said Hall. 

The event is about,Making sure that we recognize the students and how important they are, and we want to celebrate their successes. 

Hall explained what will be happening at the event. “From 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the campus center, there will be tables set up with info on the campus and scholarships for first generation students. We are also going to have stickers that say,First Gen Muskie’ on them, and we are going to have some sort of sweets.”  

Knowing that Lakeland is celebrating students in a special way really makes things enjoyable.  To be able to celebrate an accomplishment as it is amazing. It really makes us feel accepted and helps boost our self-esteem.