Alyssa Gabrielse: Senior Art Gallery


Alyssa Gabrielse presented her original artwork in the Bradley Fine Arts Building this past Friday. 

In her senior year, Alyssa majored in both creative writing and graphic design. Alyssa decided to study in these areas to help show the kind of person she is, stating, “I chose these majors because I wanted to be able to display my creativity in multiple ways. Having both of these options help me express myself differently. 

Being a Sheboygan native, Alyssa has lived here her whole life. When she is not expressing herself through her majors, she enjoys watching anime, eating ramen, dying her hair funky colorsand being different from the norm.  

Alyssa never had an art gallery to show her own work before her senior show. She went on to explain the experience of the show, saying, “I would say the experience makes you excited and anxious because you are essentially opening up to individuals you have never met before with your art.” Although this was Alyssa’s first show, she has shown some of her other artwork in the Plymouth art gallery. 

One of the pieces of art that Alyssa featured is titled “Moldy Mushrooms.” This piece was one of her first paintings for the show. She showed some insight into the painting, stating, “It was supposed to just display the different painting techniques in oil paint, but I took it a step further by creating a color palette that made the piece cohesive. 

Another painting featured in the show was “Mysterious Mushrooms.” This painting is part of a three-painting study of mushrooms that she had created. Alyssa went as far as to say this was her favorite landscape painting to work on because of the different colors and texture.  

After the event, Alyssa was thankful for the experience. She said it went over a lot smoother than she had anticipated it to. She finished by saying, “I was nervous, but the attendees seemed to have a good time. My favorite part about the opening was watching everyone’s faces light up while they looked at my work. It was definitely invigorating.”  

The event took place in the Bradley Building on Friday the 14The Bradley Building holds many events related to the arts, and the next art gallery will be on April 3. It will be showcasing all of the great artwork that students created in the past semester.