The Future of Student Government Association

Beverly Foster, Staff Reporter

Elections for Student Government Association are over, and we have a new elected board of twelve students for the next academic term. Positions that were filled this past election include president and senators. 

Newly elected president of student government Brian Brickham wishes to get more students involved with the government. He conducted his own surveys while running for president and was surprised at the number of students who had not heard of SGA and were not involved. He noted that these students were also unaware that they were automatically part of Student Government just being a student at Lakeland. 

“It is my goal to bring SGA into the forefront of students’ lives while on campus and to let them know that they have a collective voice about their lives and the future of campus life and their education,” Brickham said. 

One thing Brickham would like to see during his term as president is a more central SGA office for students to interact and truly be a part of the on-campus government. Brickham says, “I hear a lot of gripes and concerns from fellow students during my days on campus about ideas on how to improve student life, yet these students don’t know that they can discuss these issues with their SGA representatives. A single voice can be muffled, but a collective voice can’t be unheard.” 

Sophomore Chloe Skibinski has been elected as one of the senators for SGA. As senator, she would like to increase the visibility of student involvement on campus. She noted that there are clubs on campus, but the word needs to be spread more for any involvement to take place. She stated, “I would like to see the change I help influence, and I would like to be positive and help students use their voices more. I am excited to be part of such a strong group of people to bring this positive change to help keep Lakeland an exciting place to be.”