The Beauty of Graphic Design


Beverly Foster , Staff Reporter

Lakeland University’s graphic design club offers students opportunities to develop their skills regardless of previous experience. Lakeland alumnae Emma Schad created this group as her honors project before completing her degree in December.

Monique Brickham, assistant professor of graphic design, says that the graphic design club is a great way for non-graphic design students to learn the basics, so they are able to use them in their future careers. “At its core, graphic design is about creative problem solving and thinking critically in a visual way,” Brickham said.

The club started with quite a few individuals but has dwindled since Schad graduated. Brickham comments, “My hope is that next year we can get it back on track and revitalize interest and activities for the club to pursue. The cool thing about the club is that it’s open to all students. You don’t have to be a graphic design student in order to participate. The idea is that anyone can be creative and come up with cool and innovative ideas. The designers in the club would be the ones to actually create whatever is decided on, but everyone would pitch in and help with brainstorming what is going to be created.”

The graphic design program itself became an independent major and minor in Fall 2017. Students involved in the major learn skills such as print design, web and app design, branding, editing, photography and more. Students involved in the major have the opportunity to take part in internships at companies such as Dynamic, Inc. and Sun Graphics. There are also opportunities with the marketing department at Lakeland, as well as with Brickham to help promote the program. Brickham is in the works of creating new internship opportunities for the future.

Coming next year, graphic design will include two different tracks for students to complete the major. As with many other programs across the university, Brickham is taking advantage of the cooperative education initiative by adding a pathway that incorporates those opportunities into the regular program requirements. Students not wishing to participate in cooperative education can still complete the major with the traditional pathway.

Regardless of whether students want to dive in by taking on graphic design as a major, or just dabble by joining the club, Lakeland University and the graphic design program have opportunities for students to stay current in an ever-evolving industry. Contact Professor Brickham if you are interested in joining the group next year: [email protected]