“Summoning Spirits” at Night Lakeland

Emi Tsuji, Staff Reporter

Screams echoed throughout the Bradley Theatre on the night of “Summoning Spirits” performed by Peter Boie. Boie is a magician who travels around the United States, performing at colleges and on TV shows. His magic show sometimes include haunted stories and poltergeists. 

In an interview Boie explained that he started to practice magic when he was 11 years old. He learned from books and other magician friends. “I have never had one teacher but there have been a lot of people that helped me throughout my career,” Boie said. 

He has mainly two styles of magic show. One is a comedy magic show that Boie described as, “really just fun and light hearted, but crazy original action at the same time,” called “Magician for Non-Believers.” He created this particular show five years ago called “Summoning Spirits” which includes haunted stories live on stage. 

The “Summoning Spirits” show began with a story of a mother ghost who lost her child and was filled with grief. When he called her and asked to appear, the blocks on the table suddenly fell down by themselves. 

After that, he told a haunted story of a high school, foreshadowed the near future, and talked with ghosts. He also stopped his pulse and let student to check it. 

At the end of the show, Boie showed the video in which he explored and played with an Ouija board at a haunted bridge. He said that he would call the ghost to Bradley Theatre and borrowed a smartphone from a student to record the voice of the ghost. When he called to the ghost, the audience couldn’t hear anything. However, when he amplified the recording through a microphone, the audience listened carefully. The microphone picked up a feeble female’s voice, and the Ouija board fell off of the table. All of the lights blacked out and the shadow of a female appeared on the screen. 

After the show, Amber Goffke, a sophomore student, joined the show and recorded voices of the ghost with her smartphone, described herself feelings scared. 

“They were really ready to be scared, ready to have fun and be the part of the show.” Also, he said he is grateful to have performed at Lakeland and stated that “Tonight was fantastic. Students were wonderful,” Boie commented. 

For more information about Boie and his magic shows, visit @peterboie on social media.