Student Alumni Association at LU

Andrea Barile, Staff Reporter

A new group run by Andrea Schmitz called the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is helping students and alumni connect to help network and run events, as well as raising awareness to the necessity of philanthropy. The SAA also hopes to make the bond between students and alumni stronger through the association while granting leadership role opportunities on campus and the surrounding area for both the students and alumni to take part in.

The association is new and changing, however there are plans for the SAA to help with organizing events such as homecoming and graduation. Along with the event planning, creating relationships is one of the biggest benefits of the association. No matter what field of work one goes into, the ability to build and maintain strong connections remains an important and crucial qualification in many jobs and organizations, and the SAA is a place that can help manifest those skills, as well as many other skills, for the future. Schmitz stated, “sometimes philanthropy doesn’t mean dollars, it means giving back in a different way; so whether that be mentoring a student, giving them some job opportunity, or coming back as an alum to some of our events and connecting with students.”

For many that are or have attended Lakeland, it is considered a “home away from home.” To be able to establish ties between students and alumni, the overall appreciation for Lakeland and all

of the opportunities we are given will be cherished more greatly as a result. This strengthening of Muskie passion is another benefit to joining the association.

The SAA currently is looking for anyone to sign up on my.lakeland and filling out the application that can be found there, or by emailing Schmitz at [email protected] The alumni board is currently being restructured for more alumni involvement.