Midterm Madness and Overcoming It

Beverly Foster, Staff Reporter

Midterm week is upon us! It can be just as important to take care of yourself as it is your classes during this time.

When it comes to studying, turn off your cell phone and set it aside as you do so. Limit your distractions as much as you can to ensure focus. Study hard for 20-30 minutes and take a 5-minute break to move around and breathe. You will not want to drain all of your energy in one go. Form study groups with your peers and find the right time and place to meet each other to study any and all material you know or think may be on the test.

Meet with your professors by appointment during their office hours to discuss any questions you may have on the material covered in class. Schedule appointments via Starfish to meet with the tutor of the subjects you may be struggling in. Make time to schedule during their listed hours and meet with them face-to-face to get help on study questions you want to make sure you know how to do.

Relax. Take deep breaths before you begin your tests. Slow down and read everything carefully to make sure you understand the question and can answer it to the best of your abilities. Reread your answers when you finish and recheck your math and words before turning the exam in. Proof read your essays and papers to check for spelling and grammar errors.

Getting plenty of sleep the night before an exam can really brighten things up. You will feel fully rested and be ready to conquer. Eat breakfast before you go to boost your metabolism and get the energy flowing. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Drink coffee or green tea for a boost of caffeine that will help you stay awake and alert during your exam or study sessions.

Do your best. No one is expecting you to ace all of your tests. Shoot for as high as you can. Do not let yourself become too stressed about the added school load. This will not aid in your work. You can accomplish this. You will do great.