Greek Organizations host Rush Week

Austin Tanck, Staff Reporter

The Greek organizations, Beta Sigma Omega, Zeta Chi, Mu Lamda Sigma, Pi Kappa Gamma, Phi Delta Omega and Beta Psi Nu, or Inner Greek Council (IGC), hosted their annual rush week.  

Rush week is a week that is hosted by all of the Greek Organizations and each day is full of different events.  

The event on Tuesday was game night. IGC had a Kahoot game where they asked questions about Greek Organizations and Lakeland history. The purpose of the game was to try to get people to learn more information about each of the Greek Organizations Lakeland has to offer. Some of the other games were bean bags and giant Jenga 

The events on Wednesday were called, “Smokers and Punchers”. The fraternities’s event was Smokers and sororities had punchers. Both involved opening the organization’s suite to the Lakeland community where students socialize and meet other members of the organization. 

“Smokers” get their name from allowing students to enjoy acigar and talk to the members in the fraternities. “Punchers” are where students have punch and different foods with members in the sororities.  

Thursday’s event was karaoke. The event started later than expected because of the DJ being late. The event went an hour and a half longer than expected.  

The last event of the week was a cookout on Friday. The Greek organizations held a cookout in the Suites courtyard.   

IGC vice president Skylar Garza said “that even with the colder temperatures and the early sunset the Greek organizations were all represented well.”  

The ending of Greek Rush week marks the start of the pledge process.