Diversity Center Grand Opening

Aaliyah Lewis McCollum, Staff Reporter

The Student Success and Development office will be presenting the grand opening of the new Diversity Center on Tuesday, April 9th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. All faculty, staff, and students are welcomed.  

The Diversity Center will be a place for students to socialize, complete homework, and make connections with other minorities on campus. Black Student Union, Alphabet Soup, Global Student Association, Gentlemen of Virtue, Ladies of Virtue, Asian Student Union, and Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee are all minority groups that will be hosting meetings in the Diversity Center weekly. There will also be a list of events posted every week to keep students aware of things going on around campus. 

Dean of Students Leslie Laster is the main creator behind the new diversity center. Laster emphasizes wanting the diversity center to be a safe space for all student, specifically members of minority groups.  

“The reason for the center was to provide a common space for students to use where they can create, celebrate and educate on issues of diversity and inclusion,” said Leslie Laster. “I am hoping the impact increases awareness of the importance of community, so that each student has a passion for social justice, while also providing a safe space to be authentically who each student is.”  

“It’s nice to have a place on campus where no matter who you are there’s a place for people to meet others,” said Sarah Neuman. Sara Neuman is a junior here at Lakeland University is also looking forward to the unveiling of the new center.  

There are many other opportunities for students that may need assistance. In the next few months, the Professional Closet, a closet with a variety of professional wear for both men and women, will be moved to the Diversity Center for students. This allows students to borrow clothing and be properly dressed for job interviews, meetings, or presentations for classes. The Pantry will also be moved to the diversity center, where students will have access to nonperishable food items. Any donations to the Professional Closet and The Pantry are welcome. 

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