Caramel Apples in the Orchard


Emi Tsuji , Staff Reporter

As the Fall season has started, there are events going on around the campus area that students can participate in.  

On Oct. 12-13, the Harvest Fest will be held at the M & T’s Gibbsville Orchard in Sheboygan. This is an annual event that offers guests an opportunity to participate in games,  activities, entertainment, and to be involved in the Fall spirit. For both days, foods and drinks are available for purchase such as apple pies, donuts, cookies, muffins, fresh apple cider, caramel apples, and wine.  

There will be activities such as apple slingshots, face paintings, and smashing pumpkins with prizes. Glen Gerard, a magician, will perform on Saturday, as well as, Sammy Ray Marshall, from the band Bound for Branson, will play as a few musical selections for the audience.   

 M & T’s Gibbsville Orchard is located about 25 minutes from campus. The address is N3322 State Highway 32, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, 53085.  

On Oct. 13, the open play of paintball will be held at Boneyard Paintball in Plymouth. Participants are divided into teams and play a game of paintball for up to 10 minutes. Rental of equipment is available.   

David, the head referee of the Boneyard Paintball, said, “Players interact with each other when they come to the field, whether it’s talking about the game or giving advice to new players.”  

Boneyard Paintball is located 15 minutes from campus. The address is N7333 Highview Road, Plymouth, WI, 53073.    

On Oct. 19 and 20, Autumn Celebration will be held at Wade House in Greenbush. In this event, visitors will explore the unique traditions and activities of harvest seasons of the 19th century. The participation fee is $15 for adults and $7.50 for children.   

The event will have some fall activities such as carving pumpkins to make a North American Jack-O-Lantern and traditional Irish Jack-O-Lanterns. There will also be candle dipping, bobbing for apples, and the dying of sheep wool, using dye made from flowers of the Wade House’s garden. 

Wade House is located 21 minutes from campus. The address is W7965 State Hwy 23, Greenbush, WI, 53026.