Blue and Gold awards


Andrea Barile, Staff Reporter

On Friday, April 26, Lakeland University Student Success hosted Blue and Gold Awards. Corey Allen and Diante Moses, the MCs for the night, presented the following awards: 

Staff Appreciation Award 

April Arvan & Ann Penke 

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor 

Cristi Chang 

Outstanding Commuters 

Zachary Mock (who lives on campus) 

Dominique Lee 

Outstanding Resident Advisor 

Jerry Stokes 

Outstanding Student Organization 

Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee 

Female Rookie of the Year 

Kacey Gardner 

Male Rookie of the Year 

Nathan Hemmerling 

Comeback of the Year 

Men’s Volleyball 

Student Success Advocates 

Maddie Schweitzer 

Diante Moses 

Thomas Duckert 

Student Chief Executive Officer 

Corey Allen 

Demonstrating Excellence as an Individual or Organization 

Tali Coleman 

Cris Jackson 

Aaliyah Lewis-McCollum 

Student Foundation Board

Inter-Greek Council 5-Star 

Phi Delta Omega Sorority 

Pi Kappa Gamma Sorority 

Dean’s Cup 

Phi Delta Omega Sorority 

Emerging Leaders 

Elijah Santiago 

Maui Viola 

Maribel Dorantes  

TW Hoernemann Award 

Miranda Jacobson  

Female Athlete of the Year 

Miranda Jacobson 

Kaelin O’Neill Award 

Miranda Jacobson 

Pat Curran Award 

Cris Jackson 

Male Athlete of the Year 

Pat McDonald 

Outstanding Blue and Gold Champion 

Carleigh Johnson