Wagner gives free pizza for Pack loyalty

Jon Rivera, Staff Reporter

On May 3, courtesy of chef Mark Wagner and his family, the cafeteria gave pizza to staff and students for the occasional price of yelling “Go, Pack, Go!”

“I’ve been working here for 17 years,” Wagner said. “The foremost thing is our youngest son is autistic. When he was first diagnosed 10 years ago, there were many times where I had to leave work and come back. My bosses at Lakeland and everybody in the Lakeland family were so generous to me, so it’s time to give back. No matter what, the students come first. I know not a lot of students have a lot of meal swipes in their cards at this moment. It’s just a way of my wife and I saying ‘Thank you.’”

When the event was announced via Twitter, there was a stipulation that students had to yell “Go, Pack, Go” in order to receive pizza. Wagner said this part was devised by fellow chef Joe Johnson.

“Joe put it on Twitter cause he knows I’m a big Packer fan,” Wagner said. “We know there’s a lot of Bears and Vikings fan here and it was just a joke. It’s for the Lakeland community. We’re getting some of the staff and students out here just to rub elbows.”