The skinny on campus parking

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The skinny on campus parking

Mallory Pautz, Staff Reporter

In October, a Lakeland Today notification reminded students not to park in the “Future Muskies” parking spaces to the north of the Nash admissions building. Administration Specialist Christine Vanic elaborated on the topic. 

The single row of “Future Muskies” parking spaces are specifically reserved for future students of Lakeland University and their visiting families, according to Vanic. “Usually, at the beginning of the semesters is when we see the most problems,” Vanic said. “Some days we have a lot of visits where families come in and tell us ‘There’s someone parking in our spot.’ It doesn’t leave a good impression.” 

As for the VIP parking space at the west end of the row of parking in front of Nash admissions, Vanic won that spot through a drawing at a staff Christmas party last year. The VIP spot is good for a three-month period and will soon become another “Future Muskies” parking space at the end of November. 

Upon registering at Lakeland University, students are provided a tag to display in their vehicles, giving them permission to park in designated lots dependent on whether they commute or live on campus. Parking in the lot to the west of the W.A. Krueger Hall is reserved for faculty and staff only and should not be used by students. 

Daily visitor parking passes are available free of charge at the security office within the lower north side of the Brotz building. These passes are valid for one day only, so visitors must renew their passes at the security office if they wish to extend their stay. 

Parking vehicles in lots without the properly assigned pass will result in a parking ticket from security. Parking fines start at $30 for general instances of vehicles parked in the wrong spaces. Should a vehicle be parked in front of a dumpster, hindering the ability for garbage trucks to do their jobs, the parking ticket fine increases by $20 to a total of $50. The costliest offense is parking in a handicapped space, which results in an $80 fine. If a student or visitor feels they have unjustly received a parking ticket, they may visit the security office to dispute the fine.

“Story correction: the print and a previous digital version of this story incorrectly stated that the parking lot west of W.A. Krueger is for faculty only when it is for faculty and staff.”

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