Old and new Betas celebrate heritage

Zeni Yacab, Staff Reporter

Like past years, the Beta Sigma Omega fraternity teamed up with the Black Student Union to put on the Essence of Heritage. However, this year they welcomed the opportunity to work with a new sorority on campus called Beta Psi Nu.

Essence of Heritage is an annual convocation that highlights African-American culture and celebrates the accomplishments of students, faculty and important historical figures with performances such as traditional dances. At Feb. 17’s convocation, the main event was called the Praise Dance.

Beta Psi Nu sorority members made Lakeland history when they performed their first step show to an audience. It was the first year that the newly recognized sorority participated in Essence of Heritage. Throughout the show, they celebrated their new official recognition on campus.

Just before the Beta step show began, a member of the fraternity stated, “Y’all have never seen one like this before.” Members pounded on the side doors of the Bradley Theatre yelling the phrase “I want to be a Beta Man,” which can be heard on campus during the pledging season.

Members demonstrated their individual talents with a step-off against each other, coming back together at the end. Another highlight was when senior criminal justice major Jawon Turner began to talk about Beta strength and then jumped up to be caught and carried off by his fellow Beta men.