Feature Friday: Jackie Kriegel

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Feature Friday: Jackie Kriegel

Riley Phelps, Staff Reporter

The Lakeland University women’s basketball program has a new assistant coach whose goals include an undefeated 2018-2019 season for the Muskies. 

Jackie Kriegel joins coach Aaron Nester and assistant coaches Amber Peterson and Lauren Sharp this season. Kriegel said her goals for the upcoming season include the Muskies winning all their games, making the NACC conference tournament and going step-by-step in tournament play. Kriegel will stress with players how to work hard, believe in themselves and never fall short of what their capabilities. 

She said she’s passionate about making people happy every day and enjoys motivating others to accomplish their potential. “There are so many different role models within basketball,” referring to one in particular. 

“Pat Summit has a way of coaching old fashioned and makes every player feel like they have a role, whether it be them playing on the court to those who don’t always get to play,” Kriegel said. “Summit gives credit to those individuals who put in the work and work hard.” 

Kriegel values confidence, a strong work ethic and always being a good teammate. In her college career, Kriegel held many leadership roles that helped her get to where she is today. She said she’s excited to carry those characteristics with her to a new team and to help others develop those characteristics as well. 

While a graduate assistant at Lakeland, Kriegel has duties for both during the season and in the off season. In the off-season, she is in charge of recruiting girls who would make an impact on the team. She also makes sure all of the current players are up to date with academics and other events taking place within Lakeland’s campus. 

In the season, Kriegel takes on some similar off-season roles, but also gets to interact more with players. She will still recruit and she also will scout opposing teams on the Muskie schedule. According to Kriegel, being knowledgeable of the other team helps the women’s team succeed and be prepared. 

Kriegel said when a big game nears there are a few things she would do to prepare her team. She would make sure the girls get in the right mindset before the game and help boost their confidence as well. 

While at Lakeland, Kriegel plans to pursue a master’s degree in school counseling. 

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