Changes to CASHNet coming soon

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Changes to CASHNet coming soon

Mallory Pautz, Staff Reporter

Though an official date hasn’t yet been released, the 2019 spring semester will bring updates to CASHNet, Lakeland University’s electronic banking system. 

CASHNet, a partner of Blackboard, is commonly used by campuses as a way for students to make payments for everything ranging from initial application fees to current tuition balances.  

Bursar & Director of Billing Operations Lenora Stuckmann is the project manager behind the updated version of CASHNet. She elaborated on a few of the new features students can expect to see in the coming semester, “CASHNet pretty much only does payments right now,” she said. “They take payments and put it onto a student account. What they’re going to offer are payment plans so students can set up a payment plan through CASHNet.”  

Instead of students contacting Stuckmann directly or remembering to make their own payments each month without any reminders, a regular payment plan can be set up through the student’s own CASHNet account. Whatever amount the student arranges to be withdrawn from a credit or debit card will be handled completely electronically. The amount agreed upon is at the student’s discretion and will be continually deducted on a monthly basis until their balance is paid in full.   

Additionally, students have the option to be notified through text messages of available refunds or bills. Should a student receive a notification of a refund, they no longer have to visit Stuckmann to pick up their check or have it mailed to them through the traditional postal service. “Right now we only offer paper checks,” said Stuckmann. “This will deposit into their account that day.”  

Though the CASHNet changes provide an electronically-based option for students to pay their balance directly to Lakeland, students will still be able to receive paper notices and checks if they wish. “We’ll do some parallel work by offering both sets of payments, paper statements and electronic,” said Stuckmann of what to expect in the coming year.   

CASHNet can be accessed through Any questions about the new changes should be directed to Stuckmann through email at [email protected] or by telephone at (920) 565-1027 ext. 2378.   

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