Blue and Gold Awards winners announced

Gabrielle Boss, Staff Reporter

On April 27, Lakeland University held its second annual Blue and Gold Awards, hosted by Jody Harrison, Joshuan McNeal and Donte Rowell.

The awards and their respective winners are as follows:

Staff Appreciation Award:
Alex Liosatos
Tammy Utley

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor:
Dr. Evan Chancellor (Drumline)

Outstanding Resident Assistant:
Victoria Lauren
Jesus Guzman

Student Athletic Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C) Award:
Ann Schroeder

Fan of the Year:
Jody Harrison

Play of the Year:
Ja’mal Hawkins

Outstanding Blue and Gold Champion:
Joshuan McNeal

Inter Greek Council Five-Star Award:
Beta Sigma Omega and Phi Delta Omega

Dean’s Cup:
Beta Sigma Omega

Student Success Advocates:
Sam Bartlett
Emma Bruder
Jody Harrison
Tina Castillo
Deangelo Friend
Dejanira Madison

Arnold Palmer Award:
Austin Hansen
Ashlee Wierzbach

Kaelin O’Neal Award:
Pat McDonald

Comeback of the Year Award:
Men’s Volleyball Team

Rookies of the Year Award:
Zack Hasenstein
Megan Will

Demonstrating Excellence as a Student Leader:
Zachary Mock

Demonstrating Excellence as a Student Organization:
Rotaract Club

Pat Curran Award:
Michael Whitley

Outstanding New Organization:

T.W. Hoernemann Basketball Award:
Maddy Doll

Male Athlete of the Year:
Michael Whitley

Female Athlete of the Year:
Hailey Jester

Emerging Leaders Award:
Janai’ Farr
Larry Rivers
Zoë Schrameyer

During the show, Rowell also presented a video tribute to former business professor J. Garland Schilcutt, who passed away earlier this year.